By- Anu Prabhakar

Vegan Club Sandwich Recipe In 20 Min

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Ingredients for Making vegan club sandwich

– Chipotle peppers

– Ground cumin powder

– Ketchup

– Salt as per taste

– Potatoes

– Butter

– America cheese singles

– Cream cheese

– Bread


Now for making the mixture mash potatoes nicely add chipotle peppers, cumin powder, and salt. Mix it all nicely really.


Now take a pan pre-heat it add olive oil and place a slice of bread in between add oil on the top and let it crisp a little.


Meanwhile take the other two slices of bread and add a nice layer of cream cheese to one piece of bread.


Now on the other slice add a thick layer of mixture evenly and will add American cheese singles on top of cream cheese with tomato in between them.


Add naagin Indian hot sauce or homemade chutney on top of the mixture.


Let’s assemble our sandwich for it we will place our hot crispy bread on top of American cheese slices and will follow up with adding ketchup on the top and the slice of the mixture on the top.


Now to cook will take a pan and add butter to it place the whole sandwich on the top and close the lid let it cook for a minute or till the cheese starts to melt then will flip it.


Now before flipping add butter and oil to the sandwich and let it cook until golden and crispy.


Our vegan club sandwich is ready to cut into a desired shape and serve with sauces.


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