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Healthy strawberry ice- cream

About this recipe

Everyone loves to have a scoop for dessert or a snack, whether a kid or an old age man. And when we add taste with healthy ingredients, these desserts or snacks give more benefits than taste. Whatever the occasion is, I want to eat ice cream pretty much every day all summer long. Let’s dig into the recipe to learn more about strawberry ice cream.

– 1 cup Strawberries – 1/4 sugar – whip cream cool

Ingredients for this recipe

The steps for making

Preparation – Take a pan. – Add a strawberry in the pan it adds sugar. – Let it cook till strawberries start getting soft. – Let it cool completely.

– Take a masher/ grinder. Mash the batter. – Take a bowl. – Add whip cream, whisk it till it gets smooth. – Once smooth add crushed strawberries.

Freezing – Take a container. – Add batter to it. – Let it set in the refrigerator. – Freeze it for 5-6 hours. – Add strawberry flavor on top of it.

Our homemade healthy strawberry ice cream is ready. Enjoy

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