Do you struggle to keep your weight at a healthy level ? You'll be surprised at how many different items you can add to your diet to help you gain weight.

Check out some healthy weight gain foods to help you on your way! By adopting these foods, you can quickly gain weight and feel good about yourself. let's get started 



Avocados are eminent for their gentle flavor. Avocados have plentiful in a scope of micronutrients & potassium. To gain weight try to add avocado to your morning smoothie.


Rice is a calorie-thick carb that can advance continuous weight gain. Rice gives a gives a touch of additional protein and fiber. You can join rice with a serving of protein.


Quinoa have a loaded with protein, fiber and numerous different supplements your body needs. Quinoa supplies a lot of manganese. you can add quinoa in a salads for more calories.

Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits have an incredible way for acquiring additional calories, nutrients, and minerals. Mix your choice of dried fruit with cereals for a high-calorie breakfast.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes is a nice option to eat for gain weight They have high in calories and fiber, in addition to various fundamental nutrients, and minerals.


Smoothies are a easy and quick way to get extra dose of calories in a solitary serving. Drink your smoothie after meals to maximize your calories.

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