By- Anu Prabhakar

Fresh Salsa Recipe

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Check out this quick and easy vegan friendly tomato salsa dip that you can make in just minutes! This dip is perfect for snacking or as a dip for tortilla let's get started..

Ingredients for Making Fresh Salsa 

Medium fresh tomatoes


Medium red onion

Jalapeño pepper

Lime Juice

Cilantro chopped

Ground black pepper


Dried oregano

Ground cumin

Steps for Preparation

Chop the onions, tomatoes, and chilli peppers roughly.


If the salsa isn't spicy enough, add a couple more. Some of the peppers' seeds should be set away.


Steps for Making

All ingredients should be placed in the bowl of a food processor with a blade. If you don't have a food processor, you can finely dice by hand.


Place in a serving bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste .Assuming the stews make the salsa excessively hot, add some more chopped tomato.


Our Fresh Salsa is ready to Serve with chips, tortillas, tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, or black beans


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This specific salsa recipe is made with new ingredients, it will keep going as long as you would anticipate that cut new tomatoes should endure. It's best eaten just after you make it. Cooled, the salsa should go on around 5 days or so.

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