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Shahi Tukda Recipe | Shahi Tukda Sweet

Shahi Tukda Dessert Dessert is a course that concludes our whole meal. In other words, dessert is a course that consists of sweet foods, and possibly a beverage such as…

Rajgira Kheer | Amaranth kheer

Rajgira kheer What is Kheer (Pudding)? Kheer(Pudding) is a popular sweet dish and a type of wet pudding popular in the Indian continent. It’s a dessert that is made throughout…

Phool Makhana Navratri Kheer Recipe

Phool Makhana Navratri Kheer What is Makhana? Makhana or Phool makhana has many different names such as foxnuts or puffed lotus seeds. These foxnuts are very healthy and easily digestible….

Suji ka Halwa | Suji Halwa Recipe

Suji ka halwa is a pudding made with suji (semolina), ghee (clarified butter), sugar, dry fruits, almond flour, and water. I have slightly flavored the halwa with berries, saffron, and…

Sooji Ki Kheer

Sooji Ki kheer or suji ki kheer or Raava Kheer is a quick, easy, and tasty pudding made with sooji (suji or semolina), milk, nuts, also flavored with cardamom powder….